St. Nelly Sade – Tukomyewo (Recap #SNMS No. 281)

Nelly Sade

Tukomyewo – St. Nelly Sade ft. Keko
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St. Nelly Sade Interview
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The thriving rapper/free stylist, St. Nelly Sade has been keeping busy for a while now. After dropping his sophomore album “Stories of Elevation: Omulondo N’Engero” last year, he stayed in the trenches organizing the 6th annual End of the Weak Uganda contest that was recently concluded and he has also been significantly involved in the Breakfast Jam project.

Last weekend, he joined us on the show to officially premiere his new single titled “Tukomyewo” which features Keko, which is a follow-up to his previous one titled “More Vim”. Produced by Lawraid Vybz, “Tukomyewo” was intentionally crafted to rely less on the power of the instrumental and give a chance to the rappers to properly take front stage position.

St. Nelly Sade explained to us about how for a while now, there has been some growing talk about Ugandan Hiphop being in a slump and that he wanted this song to serve as a message to the people who were saying that, reminding them that the rappers haven’t gone anywhere and just in case the people thought they had, they are back hence the title “Tukomyewo” which is the Luganda translation of that phrase.

He also told us that this single and the one that came before are all part of the campaign towards the release of his third album which he says is going to be conceptually different from the last two he released.

St. Nelly Sade also told us that he has a lot of work in the pipeline including a collaborative effort with Abramz Tekya of the Breakdance Project. He has also been involved some charity projects including donating food to the kids in different communities under the Ghetto Film Project.

In case you were wondering how far back his love for Hiphop dates, you should know that back in primary school, St. Nelly Sade was notorious for stealing pens, especially the new ones. Was he doing it to write rhymes, probably.

What we are sure of right now is that Tukomyewo is a track you should already be listening to so download it and make sure you share it with the next person.