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I first heard about Swahili Nation a few years ago and it was one of those “Oh! Those are the guys that did that song” moment. I had heard their songs like “Malaika” and “Hakuna Matata” much earlier but didn’t know that it was them on those tracks.

Swahili Nation is a pre-dominantly R&B and Hip-Hop group consisting of Ken Daniels, Charlie King and Drew. After their initial success in the 90s, they took a long hiatus from releasing music as a group but later came back. Their most recent effort was the single “Loco” which was released around September last year.

Swahili Nation on “Right Stuff”.

They also made it known that they were working on a full album and last Saturday, they premiered the latest single off it titled “Right Stuff” that features A Pass. “Right Stuff” is a mid-tempo Afropop song with a hint of dancehall elements that give it that dancefloor vibe, with the mixing handled by The Samurae.

On this song, the trio sings about the kind of girl who has all the right attributes to attract a man, with the main focus being her dance moves. Ken Daniels and Charlie King also talked to us about the reasons that slowed down the process of making the album and also their concert.

They explained how it can be tricky maintaining a reputation as the artists that always offer rich lyrical content in a time when many of the trending songs lack it and people seem not to care. They also shared with us about the struggle to remain a big name and put out music that is relevant having been in the industry for so long with a huge part of their success attained much earlier.

If you want proof that Swahili Nation has always had it, download the song and make sure you share it.


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