The Ntinda Vs. Rubaga Hip-Hop Mix

It goes without say that Hip-Hop in Uganda has been dominated by rappers from the urban district known as Kampala. It is also very evident that amongst most of the rappers from this area, the suburbs of Ntinda and Rubaga have stood out as some of the places with rappers putting out the best Hip-Hop tracks which eventually led to the question, “Which of the two suburbs produces the best Hip-Hop tracks?”. We decided to answer this question with a back-to-back DJ mix done by ThaDropout on the show last weekend. With The Mith, St. Nelly Sade, Pryce Teeba & Llyboc as Ntinda’s top representatives, and Navio, Big Tril, Tucker HD and Don MC as Rubaga’s top representatives, check out the mix below and judge for yourself: