Ting Badi Malo ReUP – Flex D’Paper x Khaligraph Jones x Chris Kantai (Recap #SNMS no. 262)

The Ting Badi Malo reUP is a proper today track.

Is impossible to not compare this “ReUp” with the original Gidi Gidi Maji Maji track from the mid 2000s. That was over a decade ago(!) and East African music was in a very different place.

The original Ting Badi Malo had a very obvious party vibe. It was the Kenya’s answer to Fatmans Scoop’s ‘Be faithful’. The message was simple and straightforward: let’s party!

Who cared what they were saying in the middle!

(By the way, I always heard something like “KetchemanaPing Tokemanaka, ting badi maloooo!” – which I’m sure is a little bit not quite correct.)

Fast forward ten years, here comes the reUP,and boy oh boy it’s mean!

Ting Badi Malo ReUP – Flex D’Paper x Khaligraph Jones x Chris-Kantai

Download Ting Badi Malo (3.3mb)

Khaligraph Jones and Chris Kantai created a track that is almost the polar opposite of the original, and that is a great thing!

The 2004 track coaxed and encouraged you to join the party.

The 2016 version doesn’t give two flying fucks whether you join in or not. The party will go on regardless.

Ting Badi Malo ReUP

Flex d’paper represents UG with aplomb. There is a certain skill needed to flow on a beat like this and Flex nails it.

Download and share, people. Download and share.