Truth releases the “So Firm” video

The Ugandan Hip-Hop scene has seen a number of new names popping up lately and one of them is a rapper called Truth. Truth teamed up with a producer called Taste a while ago and worked on a track called “So Firm” which he premiered on the show.

“So Firm” is a track meant to tell the listeners that Truth remains resilient even with all the challenges he faces as a new artist in the genre. The message sips into every bit of the song right down to the way he sings in the chorus and the church choir-vibe from the organ playing in the back.

The track also employs a rhythm and drums similar to those in Rukiga/Runyakole folk and traditional songs and Truth goes on to rap in both English and Runyakitara with intricate delivery.

This trend of rappers and singers performing in both English and indigenous languages is becoming more common and so is the integration of native traditional instruments into the songs by producers. It clearly indicates that the youth are continuously embracing their cultural heritage through the arts.

Truth in the “So Firm” video.

The video for this song which was directed by Kelon FX from K Filmz is also out now. I have to say, for someone who had very little to work with in terms of scenery, he came out with a good product.

The video has a dark semi-gothic theme, momentarily resembling a thriller/horror movie with occasional portrayal of what looks like zombies or people possessed by evil spirits. The director makes great use of manual effects including combinations of dust splashes and rapid flushing light.


It also features some dancers that execute choreography rooted in breakdancing. Even without changing scenery a lot and having many extra bodies in the video, there’s still a lot to see such as the assemblage art in the background, which not so many people know how to work with.

I’m always impressed when an artist goes with a very different concept that isn’t commonly used and executes it well. This is exactly what you see in this video so check it out and share it with a friend.