TYLER Himself – “Some Mo” (Recap #SNMS No. 265)

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Tyler Himself a.k.a. “The African Dancehall Hero” a.k.a. “Every Gyal Pillow” is a Ugandan dancehall artist that has been behind a couple of tracks including “Saawa”, “Fire”, “Tell Me” and “Bikula Ekintu”. Having completed his studies in Coventry, he decided to focus more on making music. While on holiday in London, he re-did the song “Tight Skirt” by Samantha J as part of a project with Washroom Entertainment.

Tyler Himself in Uganda.

He later came back to Uganda and last Saturday, he joined us on the show to premiere his new single titled “Some Mo” which he calls a blend of Dancehall and Afrobeat. He informed us that he is working on a mixtape called the “Patois” mixtape with half of it (5 tracks) already done and having videos.

Tyler also talked about how he’s not yet ready to put out an album because different people have different perceptions of music and he’s trying to tailor his music to the Ugandan market. He said he has enjoyed the Ugandan scene more because mistakes are allowed and there’s room to try out more things.

He also talked about competition and what sets him apart from the rest, claiming that a lot of the Ugandan artists who claim that they do dancehall music actually don’t, going on to explain the difference.

After letting us know that Shabba Ranks and Bob Marley are some of his influences, he went on to elaborate about how he came to be drawn more towards Sean Paul. He said that he found the music videos of Shabba Ranks and other old Ragga artists a bit too nasty while Sean Paul’s were less explicit making him more appealing.

You can listen to his new single, download it and share it with a friend. You can also have a look at the video right here.

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