Uganda Entertainment Awards are a joke.

Uganda Entertainment

(Written by DJ Slaughter Elly)

These Uganda Entertainment awards are a total joke! I thought they would change their ways of handling the awards this year since last year was their first year in operation but I think now it is worse. For starters, I have tried to ask around to ask around about the criteria they use to nominate all the artists, comedians, etc. and I’ve come up with a conclusion.

They nominate their friends and their friends’ friends! (No offence to any nominees. Some of you are worth being nominated). The folks at Uganda Entertainment Awards went on and knowingly or unknowingly omitted a whole genre of Hip-Hop. Yes, you read that right. They don’t have a Hip-Hop category in their awards yet they claim that they are transforming Uganda’s Entertainment Industry.

This leaves a lot of unanswered questions in my head like, what is Ugandan entertainment without Hip-Hop? How will Hip-Hop grow and bring about change in people if fellow Ugandans choose to ignore the genre? How are the people and kids out there supposed to be inspired if the ones in power won’t reward their role models?

Do you know the hustle that Hip-Hop artists go through to record and put out their songs? My rant in this article is about omitting a Hip-Hop category but when you scrutinize the other categories’ nominees, you’ll notice that they left out a lot of presenters and programs. For example Salon Talk by Judithiana on Urban TV is one of the best programs that is on T.V. but it wasn’t nominated anywhere!

One shouldn’t make these awards just to give them to their friends and make a quick dime off corporate institutions and sponsorship. You should make extensive research and award all those worth awarding. Take a look at the rest of the nominees in the pictures below.

Uganda Entertainment



Uganda Entertainment

Uganda Entertainment

PS; they claim that the will put out other categories later on in July but I don’t believe them. If they didn’t nominate them earlier what makes us so sure that they will nominate them later on. This is just a move to cover up their mistakes.

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