Artists’ guide to staying fit during event season

Ugandan artist

The remaining time of the year (from September to December 2016) is all about events. This is the time when almost every Ugandan artist and DJ has a gig. This is also the time when artists stage their album launches and their events of the year (we have just witnessed the Njogereza event by Navio that was held last Friday).

So this means that every Ugandan artist and DJ must be on his/her feet 100%. You must be active and healthy because you are going to spend about half of your remaining days of the year on the move or on stage or somewhere entertaining people.

Our friends the “Ba summers” (people on holiday from abroad) have also started jetting in which means more nights out, more alcohol in the system and less hours of sleep. So as a fellow member of the Ugandan artist and DJ set, I have some tips laid out on how you can try to stay healthy, so when you are called for your next gig, you can give them 100% delivery!

  1. Learn to say NO: Everyone in this world loves free freebies. Free food, free beer, free whiskey, etc. So with these “ba summers” around, trust me the amount of freebies is going to increase. Regulate yourself. If you have a big meeting or gig in the morning, don’t go out and drink the previous night!
  2. Stay away from cold water: Let all the water you take be warm all day long. Start first thing in the morning with a cup of warm water on an empty stomach. This warm water is known for removing toxins and it also kills hangovers very fast. It removes gas from your stomach and keeps your voice sharp and crisp.
  3. Meditate: Take five to ten minutes each day to experience silence, connect with yourself, and let go of a few things. This can free up the mental space that usually fills up with concerns, anxiety, nightlife activities, and responsibilities this time of the year.
  4. Give and take: Hey Ugandan artists, I know you want to do everything (in the same way that you might want to eat everything), but before you do, take a moment to consider how you’ll feel afterwards. The easiest thing is to take just enough of what you really enjoy and leave some things to try another time.

When it comes to events and invitations to bars or clubs, be intentional with your “yes” and liberal with your “no”. Gift yourself with the time and space to truly digest only the people and experiences that feed your soul.

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