Ugandan artists need more support

Ugandan artists

Here’s an example of the treatment Ugandan artists need. When any Radiocity personnel (DJ, presenter, producer, e.t.c) organizes an event, all other staff at Radiocity don’t ask for free passes but they pay to support the person. Not because there are no free passes/tickets but the people I work with are business oriented.

I don’t know what is wrong with some Ugandans though. We need to get the concept of business orientation in the right approach, in different dimensions in our minds. People mix business with friendship all the time and to the highest point!

When somebody starts up a business, his/her friends will want to exploit it and this is what makes most businesses collapse. For example, when someone opens up a bar, people who are close to that person will want to either take drinks for free or pay when they are ready to.

Another example is when somebody gets a job in a night club his/her friends automatically expect to get free passes every single night. When someone gets a job in an influential position, it doesn’t mean that all his family and friends are entitled to the benefits.

When Ugandan artists organize concerts, everyone close to the artists wants free entrance even the ones who are close to the musician’s friends expect free tickets, that’s the main reason why those musicians you see don’t have money and they live a low life, people never pay for their services.

At this point, being with many friends is more challenging instead of being a beneficial situation. If you have a shop, some of your friends will even ask for free goods/services as if the supplier gives them to you for free!

Beyonce makes an album you buy, Kanye West makes shoes you buy, A Pass makes an album, you don’t buy! WHY??? Support your own! Support these artists and DJs. Buy Ugandan artists’ music. Pay for their events! Let these artists get working capital to record and put out better music videos.

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