Ugandan DJs should battle more

Ugandan DJs

All Ugandan DJs should battle five or more times a year. There are so many DJs in Uganda, both wack and good but all have failed to embrace the fact that battles are an essential part of DJ culture. I can personally say that all of the most skilled DJs here in Uganda like Magic Switch, DJ Mark, DJ Shan, Aludah, Ricky Star, Jimmy, etc. have been through battles and have made their marks on the DJ scene through these battles.

You don’t need to wait for DJ competitions to come up to battle any DJ. Create your own battles amongst yourselves. One of the things I expect from the DJ Association of Uganda is to organize more and more battles among the Ugandan DJs and this will ultimately make Ugandan DJs better. Let me give you some reasons why you should battle:

– Great improvement in skill level. Battling will raise your skill level since you will be putting in a lot of time to practice and learn new techniques to be competitive. This will definitely make you a better DJ and it also helps you measure where you are and where you can improve.

– Increase your confidence. In a battle, you get to DJ at your best in front of lots and lots of people. You get to stop panicking in front of other DJs and when you do this over and over again, your confidence levels will shoot to 100%. You might not win all the time, but you will get more and more confident with each time you battle.

– Improved stage presence. With confidence comes stage presence. You will definitely add more swagger when playing and scream a word or two on the mic instead of staring at your equipment all the time.

– Get famous. Even if you don’t win a battle, people will remember what you did. Entering battles gives you the perfect platform to showcase your personal style and with good video recording, it will live past the night of contest. Don’t be the type that battles for materialistic things because you will wake up one day without them.

Battle for your DJing benefit. Also don’t be afraid or scared to battle with other DJs. You learn so much in each battle and every experience is a step forward to you being the best DJ in the country or continent. There is no shame in loosing because by entering you’ve already won and chosen to improve.

Written by DJ Slaughter Elly.