Ugandan Entertainment: Competition is key

Ugandan entertainment

The Ugandan entertainment industry has a lot of artists, DJs, producers, event promoters/organizers, etc.  Most of these guys are great in their fields of expertise and also have a wide load of experience. So the only way to keep being the “crème de la crème”, is you need to be ready to compete with way too many people than you will ever count!

I hear lots of people saying that “An artist shouldn’t compete with anyone, compete with yourself and chill”. My friend, better trash this notion and get into the real world! Start competing. Start weighing yourself with other cats in the industry that you’re into because the more you compete, the better you get as an individual.

Competition is healthy as long as you use it to push yourself.  I know very many already established artists and DJs don’t want to admit it but most of them fear competition. So here is some advice for all upcoming DJs and artists, embrace competition. When you are still new to the Ugandan entertainment industry these already established artists or DJs will get freaked out and if they don’t up their game ASAP, they get kicked out.

Here is a perfect example that will come in handy for DJs. I have a friend called DJ Mato. DJ Mato wanted to be better than some DJ (I wouldn’t want to mention his name so let’s call him DJ X). Mato practiced day and night just to be better and beat DJ X. After about 6 months of constant practice, Mato was not only better than DJ X but he had also gained way more skill than he would have gained if he had just sat back and imagined that he doesn’t need to compete.

Do anything to be better than the guy who you are in the same industry with! Copy if you can! But make sure that after beating the person who you had set your target on, you move on to the next until they are all done. Then you can now think of competing with yourself! Tweet me @djslaughterelly and let me know what you think.