A lesson for our artists from Uganda at the Olympics

Ugandan Music

There’s a very important lesson that Ugandan music stakeholders should take from Uganda’s fate in the recently concluded Olympic Games. Unfortunately, Uganda didn’t get any medal from the Olympics and very many people were mocking Ugandans especially on twitter. People expected results even though we didn’t have the training facilities and most of the people that represented us were good, but without the proper training, they didn’t produce good results.

What does this mean for artists on the Ugandan music scene? As an artist, you must know that people don’t care how much money, energy, time etc. you put into creating that song you may be having. They will demand a lot, ignore the effort and pressure you for results. They care about that final mastered song you have released. That super cool video and video concept is what they like.

They will mock you, boo you and others may even abuse you if you release a song or video that is of poor quality. So go all out when preparing a song. Give it your all because the fans will judge you according to what you have released. You may not be able to please everyone but at least with the more effort or money you inject in your projects, comes more fans and more ratings about you as a person.

Don’t just put out any song because of pressure from other artists or DJs. Be creative and copy less (don’t copy if you don’t need to). Originality is key because people will talk good about you and relate you to the projects you made and how different they were from the usual mainstream music they hear all the time. Push yourself and trust me, you’ll be rewarded!

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