July 2016 UG Urban Music Roundup

Urban Music

Since July came to a close a few days ago, let us quickly wrap up the UG urban music that came out in that month.

First of all, there was less new music that was released compared to June. Although when it comes to videos, July had way more videos released.

Let us quickly run through some of the July audio releases.

  1. YOOLA – Lilian Mbabazi ; A very beautiful Afro-beat song with OFCOURSE amazing vocals. You find yourself singing along especially when it comes to the chorus.
  2. KINGS & QUEENS – MOROOTS ; When it comes to MoRoots, I am a bit biased because I love her to bits! This particular song is actually uplifting if you are the kind that listens carefully plus I like how the production makes you feel like you are in a different room with every verse!
  3. SMART WIRE – VAMPINO ; On first listen, I did not think much of this song. On second listen however, I was sold. A very good come back for Vampino after being away this long. DEFINITELY the type of song that will get you dancing in the club or the bar even when you may not understand half the words in it.
  4. NDIWABULIJJO Rmx – Benezeri, Santana, Reazy & Pryce Teeba ; I would tell you whose verse I like the most on this song but I might get in a lot of trouble so I’ll tell you this, I like the fact that Benezeri is putting out more and more music and he chose a great combo for this remix.
  5. ONO – MARTHA SMALLZ ; On this one, Martha stayed in “her zone” where she excels and I feel like this song will be around for quite some time. Slow, smooth, deep and feels good too. Don’t be surprised if you start hearing it on Kwanjula functions very soon. I really like it.
  6. ARUA GIRL – O.P.U & ANDY MUSIC ; A good production on this one. My only problem with it is that it sounds very West African. But that is what is selling today so you will be hearing a lot of it too.
  7. KANOONYE – J.C.MUYONJO ; J.C’s vocals can never disappoint. We see it on this song as well. I want J.C to sing more though. We need to hear more from JC.

Those were some of the audio releases that made my list but I am sure there were other releases. However, July saw a number of Videos come out of the UG urban music world.

  1. NAMAGEMBE – MADOXX ; The long awaited video was FINALLY released! We have waited for over 10 years for this video and it did not disappoint. High Quality video it is. Plus, MoRoots is somewhere in there. Hehehe.
  2. KISASI KIMU – SHEEBAH ; With many saying it was the best video from Uganda for this year, I’ll say this, it is definitely one of the best for sure. High quality and amazing concept.
  3. MARIANA – APASS ; Another very talked about video. High quality as well and Myko Ouma is in there too! I am not crazy about the concept though.

We had others like Victory – Flex D’paper, Ruyonga & Levixone, Byagana – Good Lyfe & Ziza Bafana, Kabulengane – Bebe Cool, Panda Rmx – Ntinda Mov’t, Kibulamu – Winnie Nwagi and Wabula Naawe – YC & Hab. Very impressed with what is happening in the UG urban music video world. All good videos. Looking forward to August.

Written by Salmah.