Vampino – Smart Wire (Recap #SNMS No. 275)


Smart Wire – Vampino

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Vampino Interview

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Vampino is officially back with some new music for you. After roughly 2 years of focusing more on his live performances without really releasing a lot of new recorded music, the Reggae/Dancehall veteran is determined to re-establish his position in the industry. Last weekend, he joined us for the show to premiere his new single titled “Smart Wire”.

Vampino on “Smart Wire”.

“Smart Wire” is a fairly fast-paced dancehall song that is rooted in the fact that we live in an era that is all about connection, which is evident in the way we look for “smart wires”/smartphone chargers whenever we are running low on battery so that we can stay connected.

The song also has a signature dance of its own called the “Smart Wire” dance developed in conjunction with Party Pipo Entertainment which is going to be featured in the video for the song that is to be shot on Tuesday this week.

During the interview, he told us about a new company called Kiwundo Top Talent that he’s running together with a couple of other people dealing in talent scouting and management, from musicians to actors, models and more.

He talked about his recording style and how he is more comfortable with freestyling (off the top of his head) when working on songs. He also told us about a new single on the way called “Smile”, which is also going to be the title of his album, a song that was inspired by and whose creation was observed by his mother.

He also told us to look forward to a concert headlined by him some time down the road. With the single “Linda” already catching on, he is definitely on the right track in regard to making 2016 his year. Go check out the song and make sure you share it as much as you can.