Voltage Music releases the video for “Criminal”

Voltage Music is a fast-rising dancehall duo with the members Michael Flosso and Kent Koojo. Their single “Pull Up” has gone from being just another song that was premiered on the show to the song that I play at private parties and still get a bunch of girls shouting the lyrics and getting up to dance.

Its success on radio has spilled over to even some of their earlier and previously less known singles like “Budget” and “Tom and Jerry” whose videos you can’t escape when you tune in to a local TV station for the music show. As some of us wait impatiently for the video of “Pull Up” to drop, the duo’s current album “Breakout” has already spawned another soon-to-be-a-hit single titled “Criminal”.

“Criminal” is a song with an Afro-Dancehall touch produced by Skills, on which they sing about a girl for whose love they are willing to get (and actually feel like they are) in chains. The song’s video is now available and the duo definitely put some work into it.

Voltage Music in the “Criminal” video.

The video, whose production was handled by Grate Make Films was predominantly shot in a dry, arid-looking area with my favorite scenes being the ones with four guys pulling off some simple but crazy dance moves. The video’s storyline takes on a rather different twist with the girls that each of them is pursuing turning out to be criminals who pull scams on them.

Voltage Music

Voltage Music

With four successful singles out already, there’s no telling how far they’ll go with the “Breakout” album. For now, I’d say they are the next best thing in Ugandan Dancehall. You can check out the video, tell us what you liked most about it and share it with a friend. To listen to or download the full album, check out their CDBaby page.