Vote Liz Lubega for the MOBO UnSung Top 10

Liz Lubega

Every now and then, we like to take a look at what Ugandan artists outside Uganda are doing and one of the names worth mentioning is Liz Lubega. Liz Lubega is a singer of Ugandan origin based in London and doing mainly R&B and Soul music.

Earlier on this year, she released her debut EP titled “The Process” which had 4 tracks. She went on to do a couple of live performances at Vocals and Verses, I Luv Live, Sofar Sound, AKS and friends, and many more. She also worked with Reload Sessions, covering Jack Garrat’s “I Couldn’t Want You Anyway” excellently.

Liz Lubega

Her musical work has also gotten her featured in other kinds of entertainment content with a recent appearance in an episode of the web series “How did we get here?” Liz Lubega recently enrolled in the prominent music competitions organized by the people behind the 20-year old MOBO Awards.

The competition more commonly known as MOBO UnSung is held annually to recognize talented musicians set to be a part of the next generation. Mentorship, career guidance and networking are also some of the other benefits the competition offers.

Liz Lubega is a contestant in this year’s competition and she has already made it into the top 20. Voting for who gets to be in the top 10 finalists is on-going and she definitely deserves to make it to the next stage. To vote for Liz, visit

If you’re still in doubt about how talented Liz is, you can listen to her EP right here and just as a bonus, check out this video of a cover she did with Reload Sessions.

Ugandans, whether in Uganda or outside Uganda are very talented and they all need as much of our support as we can give. Don’t forget to share her music with the next person and tell them to vote too.