Winnie Nwagi releases the “Kibulamu” video

Winnie Nwagi had been riding on the success of her last hit “Musawo” for a while but she now has another single out titled “Kibulamu” that goes in a slightly different direction.

Winnie Nwagi

“Kibulamu” which is Luganda for “it’s lacking” is a much slower song on which Winnie Nwagi is complaining to her lover about how he is falling short when it comes to showing her affection and generally playing his role in the relationship.

The video for this song is out now and just like the audio, it takes a different direction from her last few videos. Directed by J. Gusto, it features Winnie Nwagi playing the role of the angry and frustrated wife in a white rob confronting her husband who has arrived home late.

Unlike some of her previous videos that put emphasis on her sex appeal and dance skills, the bulk of this video puts her acting skills to the test and she does well for the most part. The two engage in a quarrel that escalates seeing her toss his clothes at him demanding that he should leave.

She proceeds to change into a tight dress and a leather jacket with the intention of going out to have a good time but her partner continues to persuade her to stay and hear him out. He eventually succeeds, managing to sit her down but during the process, he makes a blunder that is big enough to negate his previous efforts.

It’s the final twist at the end of the video and I won’t spoil it for you but it was definitely a good way to wrap up the story and credit surely goes to whoever came up with that bit. It is a very brave move to release a dance hit and follow it up with something that tends towards a ballad but Winnie does just that she seems likely to pull it off. Check out the video and share it.