Young Cardamom & HAB – #1Spice

The Queen of Katwe film is out now (has had a premiere) and as you might or might not know, the Hip-Hop duo Young Cardamom & HAB was involved in the creation of music for the film’s soundtrack. Young Cardamom and HAB performed a single called “#1 Spice” that has two different sides to it.

“#1 Spice” starts off with a lower tempo, a bright well-applied brass section, a rich synthetic bass-line and is generally a Hip-Hop song for the first part. The two rappers go back-to-back dropping bars with cooking references interlocked with messages about ambition and hard work and peeks into the salt trade.

The song morphs gradually and turns into a much faster song with a more pronounced guitar track paired with vibrant percussion as the rappers sing a catchy hook to wrap up the song. In this part, they also pay tribute to/celebrate Kampala and the positives that come with living there.

The video for this song which was directed by Mira Nair is also out now and it features a number of members of the film’s cast pulling off some simple and jubilation-style dance moves in a number of different locations including a landing site by the lake. As usual, Young Cardamom and HAB bring their wacky ways in this one too but with more moderation.

They also do a good job when it comes to costumes and other setups in the different scenes. The duo has been getting more exposure in various parts of the country especially through performances at events such as the Club Mega Fest and Nyege Nyege Festival and now they have a chance to get some of their work viewed by a wider audience spanning over numerous distant geographical locations.

Young Cardamom

It’s a good thing to see that we have a number of Ugandan creative involved in the telling of a Ugandan story even when a big chunk of the backing is foreign. Go check out the song, it’s video and make sure you share it. You can also listen to their EP here.