Young Cardamom & HAB release the P.S.V. video

Young Cardamom & HAB, two rappers that form a duo that makes fun-filled, socially conscious music with a pinch of humor released their debut EP titled “Sidda Mukyaalo” a couple of weeks ago. After the success of “Wabula Naawe”, the two have now put out another single off the EP called “P.S.V.”.

“P.S.V.” is a label found on taxis/matatus in Uganda which indicates that they are Public Service Vehicles. The song which was produced by Izaya and Young Cardamom has a “very African” rhythm guitar loop that will captivate you as the two rappers detail a taxi ride gone wrong from the perspectives of different people in the taxi.

The two roll the words of their tongues comfortably in English, Luganda, Swahili, Runyoro and a little Hindi with a funny interlude and outro to top it all off.

The video for P.S.V. is out now and it’s definitely a must-see as the two do not disappoint in regard to exploring unique concepts as they’ve done in their previous video work. Directed by Martin Kharumwa, the video makes use of a very colorful and intricate set designed by Mirembe Musisi that has everything from mats to baskets, plantain, Masaai wraps, drums and a lot more.

Young Cardamom & HAB in the P.S.V. video.

It also features appearances from a number of other actors in Kitenge wear doing funny Luganda skits and wacky dances including Izaya, Joshua Lule Lwantanda, Martin Kharumwa, Mirembe Musisi, Kampire Bahana, Abdul Mugisha, Baguma Patrick, Akugi Lawrence and Mwanguhya Ronald.

Young Cardamom

These two really push the envelope on this one, going as far as taking a swim and doing under-water shots, which isn’t an everyday thing in Ugandan music videos. Every aspect of this video competes for your attention and I have to give extra credit to Mirembe Musisi for putting an African spin on the assemblage art in the set.

Young Cardamom

It is quite hard to pull off a video that doesn’t make use of a variety of sceneries but this one excels at it so check it out, enjoy and share with your friends.