Young Cardamom & HAB release the “Wabula Naawe” video

The two halves of Kampala’s fast-rising Hiphop duo, Young Cardamom & HAB have finally released the video for their single “Wabula Naawe” off the “Sidda Mukyaalo” EP and as of now, it’s my best video in 2016 so far and I’ll tell you why shortly.

When you listen to the EP, you’ll realize that “Wabula Naawe” is the one song where the wacky side of Young Cardamom & HAB is brought out to the fullest. Even the production, which was handled by Izaya, makes it sound like a warm-up track for a carnival with the way the drums and other percussion elements are played and swap time spots with the bass.

It has a catchy chorus, funny lyrics throughout the verses and will definitely make you feel like dancing (or at least shaking your shoulders and entire torso franticly with a silly facial expression) by the time you’re 30 seconds into the song.

This is the kind of thing that definitely puts pressure on whoever is involved in the making of the video seeing as it has to live up to the song’s standards. However, Young Cardamom & HAB worked with Jajja Productions and came out with a video that makes totally forget that the song is playing.

It features Young Cardamom as the head of a military Special Forces team (commandos if you may) that launches an operation against a martial arts (Kung-Fu, Karate, Judo, Ju-Jitsu and so on) team led by HAB. It contains various scenes that address the debate of which skills work best with a number of plot twists where someone from one side beats the opponent while using the opponent’s tactics.

The two sides engage in a fight in a factory which is a mix of bullets, kicks, punches and nunchuks. It has a lot of extremely hilarious moments that I don’t want to spoil for you and I have to give them an A when it comes to the props and costumes. The ninjas looked like ninjas and the commandos looked like commandos.

I also have to commend the camera work for the movements that bring an extra dynamic touch to the shots. Enough said, go check out the video and share it as much as you can.

PS: It features a cameo from the rapper and radio personality, So Severe.