Ziza Bafana & Tykonn Paul – “Tinga Lingali” video

Ziza Bafana is one of the few next generation artists that have always managed to make a hit that cuts across different audiences. More so, he has managed to do it for quite a while now without always having to feature another big name on the track.

Much as he has had success alone with tracks like “Gyayo Ntekeyo”, “Saagala Ntalo” and “Tuli Majje”, he has also teamed up with other artists like Zanie Brown on “Friendly Match” and “Naira Ali” on Shy Girl. Recently, he teamed up with Tykonn Paul for a new single titled “Tinga Lingali”.

Produced by Ted Love for Riddim Records, is a more refined version of the common Dancehall/Kidandali blend with thicker string basslines and orchestral strings incorporated into the mix. It also has a fresh twist seeing a Ziza Bafana’s voice isn’t the only one on the track making the back and forth between them something to look out for.

Ziza Bafana & Tykonn Paul in the “Tinga Lingali” video.

The video for this single, which was directed by Kayongo Ivan (Kavan) is also out now. Much as it isn’t big on location, being a dancehall video, the artists make sure they make great use of the dancers who do a fine job keeping you glued.

Another thing about this video that makes it interesting is the use of behind-the-scenes footage from the studio sessions. In these monochrome shots, you get a glimpse into an unrehearsed piece with all the energy that is present when the artists are recording the song and their team is reacting wildly to their performances.

The use of these contrasting scenarios gives the viewer a bit of an idea of the stages that a track goes through before it is finished and ready for them to view on their television. All-in-all, the boys look like they are genuinely having fun in the video. Go check it out and share it.